End of life care

Weald Home Vets offers palliative end of life care and compassionate, dignified euthanasia

Caring & Personalised Veterinary Service


Mobile Veterinary service straight to your home to ease you and your pets stress

Barrow Hill Veterinary Hospital is our out of hours emergency provider:

01233 624687

Weald Home Vets is an independent veterinary practice that provides a unique, caring and personalised service to a high standard.

Dr Nicola Carrier at Weald Home Vets offers a mobile veterinary service straight to your home. Nicola is able to come to your house to ease you and your pets’ stress at a time that is suitable to you. It is also beneficial to observe your pet in their home where they are comfortable and more likely to display normal behaviours. 

Nicola also offers consultations at Pets Worlds for dogs, cats and rabbits


Pets World


At Home Consultations

Consultations and treatment of minor illnesses and a full pharmacy available