Opening Times:

Monday - Friday: 9am - 1pm

Saturday: 9am - 12pm

Sunday: CLOSED

Note: Subject to change or being on a home visit


Please call 01580 230585 to book an appointment, e-mail or visit to fill out the contact form

For information on the luxury dog kennels or Sharon's grooming at Pets World click here

Nicola is pleased to announce that she will be based at Pets World for consultations!  Nicola will still be providing a mobile at home service for those animals that get stressed travelling to the vets, but this gives clients an alternative if they do not wish to have a home visit.

Nicola offers 15-minute consultations and is able to perform:

- Dog, cat and rabbit vaccinations
- Routine consultations
- Six monthly flea injections for cats
- Pet Health Plans

- In house blood tests - results within 15 minutes!
- Microchipping with mini microchips
- Anal gland emptying, nail clipping, weight checks
- Worm and flea treatments
- Geriatric health care
- Blood pressure checks
- Treatment of most illnesses

- Palliative end of life care and compassionate euthanasia’s
- A full pharmacy is available