Personalised Mobile Veterinary Service

01580 230585


Nicola is pleased to announce that she will be based at Pets World for consultations!  Nicola will still be providing a mobile at home service for those animals that get stressed travelling to the vets, but this gives clients an alternative if they do not wish to have a home visit.

Nicola offers 15-minute consultations and is able to perform:

- Dog, cat and rabbit vaccinations
- Routine consultations
- Six monthly flea injections for cats

- Pet Health Plans
- Microchipping with mini microchips
- Anal gland emptying, nail clipping, weight checks
- Worm and flea treatments
- Geriatric health care

- Blood pressure checks
- Treatment of most illnesses
- A full pharmacy is available
- Blood tests
- Palliative end of life care and compassionate euthanasia’s


Consultations: £35

Dog Vaccination and Health Check – £42

Dog vaccination course of two injections and health check: £62

Puppy Vaccinations: from £62 for the course of 3 injections
Kennel Cough at time of other dog vaccinations - £17  
Kennel Cough and Health Check £34 (if not at same time as dog vaccination)
Cat Vaccination and Health Check - £48 (includes Felv)
Kitten Vaccinations – from £66 for the course of 2 injections
Rabbit Vaccination  and Health Check – Myxi and VHD £35
Microchipping - with a mini microchip- £17
Nail clipping - £10 if come in purely for a nail clip

Anal gland emptying £15
Euthanasia with sedation - from £110
Full pharmacy available - call for details

Please call 01580 230585 to book an appointment, e-mail or visit to fill out the contact form.

Weald Home Vets now offers a monthly Pet Health Plan to spread the cost of vaccinations, flea and worm treatment and more!



Opening hours: (subject to availability and home visits)

Monday and Tuesday: 9.00am - 2pm

Wednesday: Closed

Thursday and Friday: 9.00am - 2pm

Saturday: 9.00am – 12pm

Consultations are by appointment.  Walk-ins are accepted, but please be aware that there may be a wait if appointments have already been booked in, or if I have been called out on a home visit.

Please allow 2 working days for repeat prescriptions.  Please drop in and fill out a repeat prescription form and place it in the repeat prescription box, or e-mail

NOTE:  There are no facilities to deal with emergencies during the day or night. In an emergency please call 01580 230585 and you will be directed to an emergency vet.