​Weald Home Vets offers palliative end of life care. Palliative care is all about increasing the animals' quality of life when diagnosed with a terminal illness for example cancer, kidney failure or something that is causing chronic pain.  The goal is never to cure the animal of the disease, as it is unlikely, but the goal is to improve their quality of life and improve their positive experiences and decrease any negative experiences.  You, as the owner will become your pet's carer, with the support of Nicola. A bespoke care plan will be designed specifically to try to keep your pet happy, comfortable and pain free as possible until it is time to say goodbye.

Nicola is able to help you with the incredibly hard decision on when is the best time to say goodbye. This can be done at your home, which allows you to say goodbye in the comfort and familiar surroundings of your pets home in a gentle and dignified way.  Nicola can also arrange removal and cremation of your pet when the time comes​.

Compassionate and dignified at home euthanasia

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Dr Nicola Carrier at Weald Home Vets now offers a mobile veterinary service straight to your home. Nicola is able to come to your house to ease you and your pets’ stress at a time that is suitable to you. It is also beneficial to observe your pet in their own home, where they are comfortable and more likely to display normal behaviours.

At Home Services

Weald Home Vets do not have the facilities to deal with emergencies. Barrow Hill Veterinary Hospital is our out of hours provider. They do not however provide home visits so you will need to transport your pet to Barrow Hill Veterinary Hospital if it is unwell, where they will be able to treat it.  Most emergencies require a visit to the veterinary hospital for further investigations, or intensive care or treatment, and this can not be provided in your own home.
Barrow Hill Veterinary Hospital, Maidstone Road, Ashford, Kent, TN24 8TY 01233 624687